How To Find The Coolest Kitchen Gadgets

People love kitchen gadgets. Even those who barely know how to cook enjoy all sorts of crazy things in their kitchen. Bottle openers, thermometers, blenders, mixers and pasta making machines are only a few examples of what people have in their kitchens. Others collect funny shaped can openers, mugs, baking trays, bottle coolers or knives. As a matter of fact, many people consider their knives are never enough, especially if they enjoy cooking. They would always welcome a new knife to add to their collection.

hedgehog cheese grater, anyone?

If you want to find the coolest kitchen gadgets, you can either browse the web (Bored Panda has a nice list) or go to a specialized cooking shop. The web has the advantage of being much faster and more convenient. You can find lots of online stores that specialize in cool gadgets and gifts. All you need to do is see if they have a kitchen section and browse it carefully. In order to make sure you are going to make the right choice, always remember to check the reviews section. Here you can find the opinions of other people who have bought that item. If there’s anything wrong with it, you are going to know before you order it. If you see a lot of negative reviews, avoid that product. In addition, you may consider avoiding the whole store, if there are many unhappy customers. They might refund your money anyway, but why not get it right from the first attempt?

Online stores are great, but the coolest kitchen gadgets can be found in cooking stores. They only downside of these stores is their price. As they cater to a richer target group, their items are quite expensive. Yet, you can go there are see if you can find some nice ideas, and then search online for similar items. If you are lucky, you can find some inexpensive replicas of those cool things. However, you should be very careful with such cheap gadgets, as they might be of very poor quality.

When shopping for such items, you should make sure you pick some that are both funny and functional. It would be a shame to crowd your kitchen with things that can’t be used. The same principle applies when searching for such items with the purpose of offering them as presents. The other person should find some good use for your gift.

The kitchen is one of the best places to put your creativity to good use. you can unleash your imagination and cook amazing dishes to impress your friends. If cooking is not your strongest point, you may consider getting some really cool kitchen gadgets to make everyone laugh. Your friends are going to forgive you for not being able to cook, so you can get off the hook and order some pizzas. You can always slice them with the bicycle shaped pizza slicer. Everybody is going to smile, as this is one of the craziest ideas that have ever gone viral all over the world.

Hair Dryers Are Cooler Than You Think

A while back, my hair dryer decided to give up on life. I don’t blame it – I’ve had that darn thing since college (thanks, Mom!). So, I thought I would just pop online and order up a new one and that would be it. Boy was I wrong. There isn’t just one type of hair dryer out there – nope. There are different types and different features and all kinds of things like that. So, I have to put on my nerd hat and do a little research before buying one – and now I’m going to share what I’ve learned with you dear readers.

glad I didn’t have to buy one of these!

For many decades, the hair dryer has been the appliance of choice for men and women everywhere looking to go from freshly showered wet locks to dry, styled hair. Despite the hair dryer’s popularity in households across the globe, the appliance is still often misused by consumers everywhere. Luckily for you, I have gathered all the hair dryer facts I could find to teach you more about how to properly use this common household item.

Wattage vs. Heat

When purchasing a hair dryer, there are two things you should take note of: its wattage, and its temperature settings. Despite new hair dryers boasting their hotter and hotter settings, we believe it’s wattage that really counts. Dryers with between 1300 and 1875 watts are considered good for personal use. However, searching for a dryer with high heat settings is not necessary for home use, as it can damage your locks if used improperly.

Different Types of Hair Dryers

On the market today, there are hundreds of different hair dryers available for personal and commercial use, and while hair dryers may seem simple, they are actually being designed with better, more advanced technology to provide you with healthier, easier hair care.

Ionic hair dryers are one of the biggest advances in the hair care world. Using millions of tiny, negative ions, these types of hair dryers not only do their job by using heat and force to dry your hair, but they produce these ions which help to break down the water molecule. (Spoiler alert: I bought one of these and can say that I have the best ionic hair dryer to replace my dead old one and I love it!) However, be sure not to misuse the product, as with ionic hair dryers, they do not need to be used for long periods of time. Due to their nature of drying hair, overuse of the device can actually cause more harm to your hair than help.

Another advancement in hair dryers comes in the way of ceramic dryers. Ceramic dryers work by emit infrared heat, which is non-damaging to human hair. If you would like the technology of an ionic dryer combined with the technology of a ceramic dryer, a tourmaline hair dryer may be your best choice: tourmaline dryers produce infrared heat as well as negative ions, giving you a very fast, gentle dry with minimal damage to your hair.

Hair Dryer Attachments

Although hair dryer attachments such as diffusers used to be popular years ago, today very few people tend to use them. However, they are still very useful for all types of hair, not just curly or wavy. Diffusers work to distribute the heat over a larger area, reducing the heat concentrated in a single area, which in turn reduces the damage done to your hair.

Concentrators are also important attachments to your hair dryer. Concentrators allow focused air output on a single area, which allows you to control frizz levels, and helps with styling parts of your hair.

The Importance of Protectants

No matter what kind of hair dryer you choose to use, it is always important to include hair protectants in your daily hair drying routine. All hair dryers cause damage over extended use, but the use of protectants, such as serums, sprays, and lotions, can reduce the damage significantly.

Using the information above, you should be well-equipped to pick the right hair dryer for your needs, as well as keep your hair in healthy condition for years to come.

Quick Fitness Tips For Gamers Like Me

If you are a gamer, then you probably spend a lot of time in front of your computer or gaming station for hours every day. During this time, you will probably be stationary with the exception of your hands and you are most likely consuming thousands of calories in soft drinks, potato chips and other snacks every day. This is an extremely unhealthy lifestyle which will negatively impact your health in a matter of months and years. So, in order to combat the inevitable health risks from this lifestyle, we will now look at a few fitness tips that will help you become healthier.

The first tip is that instead of drinking a ton of soft drinks, juices and eating unhealthy snacks while you’re playing your favorite game, you should swap these unhealthy foods for healthier ones. Instead of potato chips, you should make your own sweet potato chips that are healthier and even taste better that regular potato chips. Also, instead of eating a lot of candies and other snacks, you should snack on fruits like strawberries, blueberries, bananas and other fruits while you game. Then, you should make all natural juices or simply stick to water instead of soft drinks which are full of unhealthy amounts of sugar and stimulants.

Next, you should also strive to eat healthier meals since most gamers tend to eat fast foods or frozen foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It will only take a few minutes to grill some chicken and pair it with a salad or make a simple sandwich from lean turkey, avocados and tomatoes. It is essential that you get lots of lean protein in your diet as well as vegetables as this will not only make you feel better but will undoubtedly improve your gaming performance.

In addition to eating healthier, you should also strive to exercise for at least 45 – 60 minutes per day. Exercise has numerous benefits on the mind and body and will even help improve your thinking, co-ordination and overall wellbeing. It may be difficult for you to start exercising, but you will soon discover that when you exercise, the benefits to your mind and body will transfer onto your gaming skills and abilities.

There are lots of ways that you can exercise and if you don’t want to leave your home, then you can simply purchase a few home workout DVDs. Some great programs include Insanity, Body Beast, p90X, Turbo Fire, 21 day fix etc. In addition to getting in some cardio every day, you should also try to do a weight lifting program a few days per week. All you have to do is buy a few adjustable weights and dumbbells and simply do a full body routine about three times per week.

In closing, we have just looked at a few fitness tips for gamers that are quite easy to put into action. Sure, it will be difficult at first, but you will feel better, look better and perform better when gaming. So, what do you have to lose?

Why Star Trek Has Been So Popular

For many people, “Star Trek” is still the gold standard when it comes to science fiction television programs. Since it originally aired in 1966, the franchise has produced five spin-off series and twelve motion pictures, in addition to a wide range of novels, comic books, and other tie-ins.

The original series chronicles the adventures of the starship Enterprise and its five-year mission to explore the galaxy. Under the command of Captain James T. Kirk, played by William Shatner, the ship encounters a wide range of aliens, robots, and other entities, both friendly and menacing.

The show ran for three seasons. After each season, it was threatened with cancellation, but letter writing campaigns by fans kept it going. Once the show was finally off the air, it quickly became a hit in syndication, with reruns being shown all the time somewhere in the United States.

A brief revival came in the form of an animated series that ran for a season and a half in the mid-1970s. Despite the cheapness of the animation, the series was elevated by the quality of the scripts and the presence of most of the original actors.

In 1979, the first film was released in theaters. “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” was a box-office smash, though its slow-paced script and dark tones did not please all the fans. The sequel, “The Wrath of Khan,” which came out in 1982, brought back a villain from the original series and is generally considered to be one of the greatest science fiction movies of all time.

Four more movies followed starring the original cast: “The Search for Spock,” “The Voyage Home,” “The Final Frontier,” and “The Undiscovered Country.” Meanwhile, in 1987, the first new TV series in more than a decade began airing in syndication. “Star Trek: The Next Generation” was set more than 80 years after the original series and told of the adventures of a new Enterprise under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, played by Patrick Stewart.

This show ran for seven seasons and spawned four theatrical movies of its own: “Generations,” “First Contact,” “Insurrection,” and “Nemesis.” In addition, there were three more television series: “Deep Space Nine,” “Voyager,” and “Enterprise.”

In 2009, the franchise was revived by a new movie simply entitled “Star Trek.” This was set in an alternate timeline and featured new actors playing the iconic roles of Kirk, Spock, and others. A sequel, “Star Trek Into Darkness,” came out in 2013, and a third movie is scheduled to be released in 2016 to mark the show’s 50th anniversary.

Are You Ready For All The Comic Book Heroes Coming To The Screen?


If you are a fan of comic book heroes you’re probably living in one of the greatest times in comic book history. No matter where you luck comic books are everywhere. They are dominating television and movies alike. For the first time ever, we’re getting the chance to see some of our favorite superheroes from the comic books come together in massive Hollywood blockbuster movies. For example, we have gotten to see the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Batman versus Superman.

For many of us, it is hard to choose our favorite comic book hero. Many would choose the big names of the comic books. Of course, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Ironman, Captain America, and the Hulk would all dominate such lists. However, some of the lesser-known comic book heroes are finally getting their chance to shine in movies and television shows. We have recently gotten to see Antman, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Arrow in movies and television shows.

As comic book movies and television shows continue to dominate the entertainment world, it is obvious that we are going to see more and more of our favorite heroes show up on the big and small screen.

For example, the Marvel movies plan to go ahead well into 2020 with a new host of comic book heroes ready to shine. The Avengers are preparing to come to blows with the massive Civil War storyline. The Guardians of the Galaxy are preparing for a second run after the huge success of the first movie. While on television, Agents of Shield and Agent Carter are huge hits for the Marvel franchise.

Many people were concerned that DC comics would never be able to catch up to Marvel, they look like they are finally going to do it this year with Batman versus Superman. The anticipation is huge for this movie, and fans are already preparing to line up for the premiere. Following Batman versus Superman, you can expect to see Wonder Woman and Aquaman standalone movies. As well as more standalone from Batman, Superman, and a host of other DC comic book heroes. In addition, you’ll be able to catch the Suicide Squad coming to a theater soon as well.

With all of these choices and comic book heroes available it looks like the coming years are going to be one of the best times to be a comic book fan.

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