The Ford Mustang stole the hearts of a nation and hearts around the world when it was unleashed in the year of 1964. Built with more than enough muscle to go around and reliability that would last for many generations to come. The chrome pony became a legend that has been easily recognized as belonging to one of, if not the most popular and loved muscle machine on the road.


The beauty of the Ford Mustang is the versatility for both men and women of all ages and social status. The vehicle was, and still is easily customizable for sports enthusiasts that enjoy running the race tracks or just looking like it is ready to take on any vehicle on or off the road. For women, the sleek but powerful machine has been painted in a variety of colors ranging from fluorescent pink to purple with all the bells and whistles that would make it a girl’s best friend. This vehicle is still one of the world’s most cherished gifts that can be given for birthdays, Christmas and on many other occasions.

Climbing behind the wheel of this vehicle is like climbing into a time machine and traveling back in time when soda pops cost a nickel and high school sports team jackets meant something to the players and their girlfriends. Many children spent years looking forward to coming of age so they could inherit the family Mustang and many of those children maintained the Mustangs and passed them on to their children, who then passed them on to theirs as well. There are few vehicles that have lived the life that these have and are still living on the road.

The introduction of this classic vehicle marked the beginning of a whole new level of automotive technology that would change the world of auto manufacturing forever. The overwhelming popularity opened the doors for Ford’s 1965 introduction of the bigger engine, AC accelerators and much-needed reverse lights. But it did not stop there.

The Corvette, made by Chevrolet, was the strongest contender and had to be taken down a few notches to show the world just how powerful Ford vehicles actually were. The hammer fell and the designer and racing driver famously known as Carroll Shelby decided to step up to the plate, which resulted in the Cobra / GT series of famous cars that took the world by storm.

Long live the Mustang and what it means to the world.