motorcycle rider

So you are sitting in traffic, and a motorcycle comes up and it piques your interest. What if you did trade your car in for a motorcycle? Could you even make that work since you’re over 6ft tall? Do they even make all the essential motorcycle gear for tall riders?  You check it and out discover that you can get all the required gear, which means now you just need to see what your spouse thinks about this plan. Your wife tells you that you need five reasons why it would make a good trade. Then you can do it and show your wife you’ve thought it through as well.

Five reasons? Stumped? Well, we are here to help you out. Here are five reasons we came up with for you. See if these are your reasons to trade a car in for a motorcycle, too. Then, maybe your wife can agree to trade the car in for a motorcycle.

Here is the first reason. Motorcycles are smaller. Sure, motorcycles are smaller, and cheaper. They would take up very little room in the garage. This would make more room for crafts, tools and especially storage for things. Your wife will like this

A second reason is that there are fewer motorcycle accidents than car accidents. So you will be less likely to be involved in an accident due to bad weather. Motorcycles are more reliable in all kinds of weather than cars are. This would reassure your wife since she wants you to be safe going from point A to point B. But don’t tell her that motorcycle riders are more likely to die in a crash.

The third reason is that a motorcycle uses less gas. This is a good thing, given that the gas prices can fluctuate very widely throughout the country. Wherever you go, you won’t have to pay very much for the little gas you need for a motorcycle. Everyone needs to help conserve natural resources, so this is one way you can help.

Your wife will be impressed with the fourth reason. Motorcycles are cheaper and easier to repair than cars are. Some parts are as expensive as car parts, but most are cheaper to get. You don’t have to wait for parts since motorcycles are so common and are more likely to be in stock. So instead of a thousand dollar repair on your car, you might only spend three to four hundred dollars by repairing your motorcycle.

The fifth and final reason is that motorcycles can come in an array of colors. So if the motorcycle is a primary means for either of you for transportation, then your wife can get a say in the color. If not, then you can get your motorcycle painted or put any art on it that you would like. They can be monogrammed, put stickers on them, or other things too. You can have a symbol put on it that you like.

So there you have it, folks. You have five reasons now that you didn’t have before to try and convince your wife to let you trade your car for a motorcycle. Can you think of other reasons, other than the ones listed? If you did, add them below. I know you were very skeptical at first, but I hope I helped. Good luck to you and hope you get that motorcycle you always wanted.