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Why Star Trek Has Been So Popular

For many people, “Star Trek” is still the gold standard when it comes to science fiction television programs. Since it originally aired in 1966, the franchise has produced five spin-off series and twelve motion pictures, in addition to a wide range of novels, comic books, and other tie-ins.

The original series chronicles the adventures of the starship Enterprise and its five-year mission to explore the galaxy. Under the command of Captain James T. Kirk, played by William Shatner, the ship encounters a wide range of aliens, robots, and other entities, both friendly and menacing.

The show ran for three seasons. After each season, it was threatened with cancellation, but letter writing campaigns by fans kept it going. Once the show was finally off the air, it quickly became a hit in syndication, with reruns being shown all the time somewhere in the United States.

A brief revival came in the form of an animated series that ran for a season and a half in the mid-1970s. Despite the cheapness of the animation, the series was elevated by the quality of the scripts and the presence of most of the original actors.

In 1979, the first film was released in theaters. “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” was a box-office smash, though its slow-paced script and dark tones did not please all the fans. The sequel, “The Wrath of Khan,” which came out in 1982, brought back a villain from the original series and is generally considered to be one of the greatest science fiction movies of all time.

Four more movies followed starring the original cast: “The Search for Spock,” “The Voyage Home,” “The Final Frontier,” and “The Undiscovered Country.” Meanwhile, in 1987, the first new TV series in more than a decade began airing in syndication. “Star Trek: The Next Generation” was set more than 80 years after the original series and told of the adventures of a new Enterprise under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, played by Patrick Stewart.

This show ran for seven seasons and spawned four theatrical movies of its own: “Generations,” “First Contact,” “Insurrection,” and “Nemesis.” In addition, there were three more television series: “Deep Space Nine,” “Voyager,” and “Enterprise.”

In 2009, the franchise was revived by a new movie simply entitled “Star Trek.” This was set in an alternate timeline and featured new actors playing the iconic roles of Kirk, Spock, and others. A sequel, “Star Trek Into Darkness,” came out in 2013, and a third movie is scheduled to be released in 2016 to mark the show’s 50th anniversary.

Are You Ready For All The Comic Book Heroes Coming To The Screen?


If you are a fan of comic book heroes you’re probably living in one of the greatest times in comic book history. No matter where you luck comic books are everywhere. They are dominating television and movies alike. For the first time ever, we’re getting the chance to see some of our favorite superheroes from the comic books come together in massive Hollywood blockbuster movies. For example, we have gotten to see the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Batman versus Superman.

For many of us, it is hard to choose our favorite comic book hero. Many would choose the big names of the comic books. Of course, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Ironman, Captain America, and the Hulk would all dominate such lists. However, some of the lesser-known comic book heroes are finally getting their chance to shine in movies and television shows. We have recently gotten to see Antman, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Arrow in movies and television shows.

As comic book movies and television shows continue to dominate the entertainment world, it is obvious that we are going to see more and more of our favorite heroes show up on the big and small screen.

For example, the Marvel movies plan to go ahead well into 2020 with a new host of comic book heroes ready to shine. The Avengers are preparing to come to blows with the massive Civil War storyline. The Guardians of the Galaxy are preparing for a second run after the huge success of the first movie. While on television, Agents of Shield and Agent Carter are huge hits for the Marvel franchise.

Many people were concerned that DC comics would never be able to catch up to Marvel, they look like they are finally going to do it this year with Batman versus Superman. The anticipation is huge for this movie, and fans are already preparing to line up for the premiere. Following Batman versus Superman, you can expect to see Wonder Woman and Aquaman standalone movies. As well as more standalone from Batman, Superman, and a host of other DC comic book heroes. In addition, you’ll be able to catch the Suicide Squad coming to a theater soon as well.

With all of these choices and comic book heroes available it looks like the coming years are going to be one of the best times to be a comic book fan.

What Are The Best Star Wars Movies?

With the release of “The Force Awakens” in 2015, the “Star Wars” series now consists of seven movies, with more planned in the next few years. In addition to two more movies in the main series, there will also be spin-offs telling stories about other parts of the universe. However, it is a good idea to take a step back and assess the quality of the movies that have been released to date.

Most fans will agree that the second film in the original trilogy, “The Empire Strikes Back,” is the best. Released in 1980, this film contains the now-famous revelation that (spoiler alert!) Darth Vader is really Luke Skywalker’s father. The film darkens the tone of the series and sets up the dramatic conclusion in the next movie, “Return of the Jedi.”

The first movie, originally titled “Star Wars” and later re-titled “A New Hope,” is generally considered to be the second-best. Of course, some fans may prefer it to its sequel. It has the advantage of being the only film in the series that actually stands on its own, with a definite beginning, middle, and end. This is because George Lucas did not know if he would have the chance to make a sequel.

The most recent film, “The Force Awakens,” is now the highest-grossing movie of all time in the United States. While it has received some criticism for being overly derivative of the original movies, it is an exciting and fast-paced adventure that has created new fan favorites in the characters of Rey, Finn, and Poe.

“Return of the Jedi,” which came out in 1983, brings the original series to a conclusion. It is in some ways also derivative of the original, since it also ends with a battle around a Death Star. It has also been criticized for including the overly-cute Ewoks, which resemble animated teddy bears. However, it does successfully bring the story to a satisfying conclusion.

For most fans, the less said about the prequel trilogy, the better. “The Phantom Menace,” “Attack of the Clones,” and “Revenge of the Sith,” released from 1999 to 2005, left few people happy. While these movies were filled with amazing special effects, the stories and characters did not satisfy anyone.

As the Star Wars saga continues, fans can look forward to many more films that will tell the story of what happened “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.”

The Brilliance Of Doctor Who

Doctor Who” is one of the longest-running science fiction television shows of all time. Originally created by the BBC in 1963, it aired continuously for 26 seasons until 1989, when it went off the air. A television movie aired in 1996 in an attempt to launch a revived series, but did not achieve the necessary ratings.

However, in 2005, producer Russell T. Davies did successfully bring back a new version of the show, which has now aired nine seasons, along with a number of specials. There have also been several spin-off shows, including “Torchwood” and the “Sarah Jane Adventures.”

One of the main reasons why the show has been able to thrive for so long is the brilliance of its central concept. The Doctor is a time-traveler from the planet Gallifrey, whose inhabitants are known as “Time Lords.” When a Time Lord reaches the end of his life, or is fatally injured, he does not simply die. Instead, he is able to regenerate his body into a new form.

This simple concept has allowed the show to continue even after the actor playing the Doctor left the show. When William Hartnell, who first played the role, decided to leave, the producers came up with the idea of regeneration. Instead of simply casting a new actor who resembled Hartnell, they cast Patrick Troughton instead.

To date, there have been twelve primary incarnations of the Doctor who have appeared on the show. After Troughton, the actors who played the Doctor during the show’s original run were Jon Pertwee, followed by Tom Baker, Peter Davison, the unrelated Colin Baker, and Sylvester McCoy.

Paul McGann played the Eighth Doctor in the 1996 television movie. When the show was revived in 2005, Christopher Eccleston portrayed the Ninth Doctor for the first season. He has been followed by David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi. In addition, John Hurt portrayed a previously-unknown incarnation of the Doctor in the 50th-anniversary special that aired in 2013.

The Doctor is able to travel through time and space in his TARDIS, which is a time machine he stole from Gallifrey. While it is supposed to be able to change its appearance, his TARDIS is stuck in the form of a blue police box. He is also accompanied by a series of companions on his travels, who are usually from 20th or 21st century Earth.

Because of the brilliance of its central concept, the show seems well-situated to continue for many years to come.

Weight Lifting Tips From This Former Noob

weight lifting

If you are trying to get into weight lifting, you are going to want to really implement effective tips to get the most out of it. In this article, we will be going over some of the different weight lifting tips that you can use in order to make your sessions more effective.

1. Compound Exercises.

The first thing that you are going to want to do is make sure that you focus on compound exercises. These are the exercises that are going to provide you with the best possible results. The reason why these are so effective is because they work a couple of your muscles at the same time rather than isolating your muscles. You will end up getting a much more intense and better overall workout by doing this.

2. Protein.

Another thing that you need to be sure of is that you get your weight lifting sessions taken care of in terms of your nutrition. You want to be sure that you get as much protein as you possibly can into your body when you are working out so that you can increase the effectiveness and efficiency in your workouts. The good news is that you can utilize casein and whey protein for this. Whey protein is great to take right before and/or right after a workout. Whereas, casein protein is great to take right before bed.

3. Water.

A lot of people do not understand the importance of drinking water when they are working out. Nothing is more important than getting enough water into your system. This is a necessity because you are going to want to supply your body and your muscles with the necessary hydration to really be able to effectively workout as hard as you want to.

4. Rest.

Another thing that a lot of people fail to realize is that they need ample amounts of rest. Rest is so important because you want to give your body and your muscles enough time in order to fully recover from a hard workout. The only way to do this is by giving your body a good amount of breaks from your workout every so often. A lot of people benefit from doing 1 day on and 1 day off workouts.

As you can see, there are plenty of different things that you are going to be able to do to make your workouts much more effective. Protein is the best nutrient that you can get into your body when you are trying to get muscles and build up stamina. Be sure that you are getting the right kind of protein into your body. Whey protein is best when taken either before and/or after your workouts and casein protein is best taken right before bed due to it having a slow absorption rate. Also, you want to be sure that you give your body ample amounts of water and rest when you are exercising a lot. This way, your muscles have a chance to properly recover.

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