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5 Reasons To Trade In Your Car For A Motorcycle

motorcycle rider

So you are sitting in traffic, and a motorcycle comes up and it piques your interest. What if you did trade your car in for a motorcycle? Could you even make that work since you’re over 6ft tall? Do they even make all the essential motorcycle gear for tall riders? ¬†You check it and out discover that you can get all the required gear, which means now you just need to see what your spouse thinks about this plan. Your wife tells you that you need five reasons why it would make a good trade. Then you can do it and show your wife you’ve thought it through as well.

Five reasons? Stumped? Well, we are here to help you out. Here are five reasons we came up with for you. See if these are your reasons to trade a car in for a motorcycle, too. Then, maybe your wife can agree to trade the car in for a motorcycle.

Here is the first reason. Motorcycles are smaller. Sure, motorcycles are smaller, and cheaper. They would take up very little room in the garage. This would make more room for crafts, tools and especially storage for things. Your wife will like this

A second reason is that there are fewer motorcycle accidents than car accidents. So you will be less likely to be involved in an accident due to bad weather. Motorcycles are more reliable in all kinds of weather than cars are. This would reassure your wife since she wants you to be safe going from point A to point B. But don’t tell her that motorcycle riders are more likely to die in a crash.

The third reason is that a motorcycle uses less gas. This is a good thing, given that the gas prices can fluctuate very widely throughout the country. Wherever you go, you won’t have to pay very much for the little gas you need for a motorcycle. Everyone needs to help conserve natural resources, so this is one way you can help.

Your wife will be impressed with the fourth reason. Motorcycles are cheaper and easier to repair than cars are. Some parts are as expensive as car parts, but most are cheaper to get. You don’t have to wait for parts since motorcycles are so common and are more likely to be in stock. So instead of a thousand dollar repair on your car, you might only spend three to four hundred dollars by repairing your motorcycle.

The fifth and final reason is that motorcycles can come in an array of colors. So if the motorcycle is a primary means for either of you for transportation, then your wife can get a say in the color. If not, then you can get your motorcycle painted or put any art on it that you would like. They can be monogrammed, put stickers on them, or other things too. You can have a symbol put on it that you like.

So there you have it, folks. You have five reasons now that you didn’t have before to try and convince your wife to let you trade your car for a motorcycle. Can you think of other reasons, other than the ones listed? If you did, add them below. I know you were very skeptical at first, but I hope I helped. Good luck to you and hope you get that motorcycle you always wanted.

How To Apply Car Wax

car wax

When you get your car washed you need to realize in most cases this is just removing the dirt and grime from your vehicle. To really protect your vehicle and the paint job you need to have a coat of wax on your vehicle. The problem is so many people do not know how to properly apply the wax they tend to overlook this aspect and that makes it impossible for them to properly protect the vehicles paint from any of the harm that can come to it. And if you don’t own any wax, then do yourself a favor and read some car wax reviews so that you know which is the best for your ride.

The first thing that people need to do is make sure the car has been properly washed and that it is dry. You can speed the drying process by using soft towels on the vehicle, but you may want to let the sun do what comes natural to it and dry the vehicle normally. It is very important the vehicle be completely dry or it could make your wax very difficult to use or apply.

Once the car is dry you will want to take the applicator for the car wax and start to get it covered in the car wax. This way you will have a chance to get the vehicle properly covered in wax. When you go to apply the car wax to the vehicle you will want to do so in a circular motion that is overlapping on the edge of the circle before it. You will also want to start at your longest reach point first.

After the wax has been applied you will need to wait for it to start to haze. It is important to note that you want to work in sections or the wax can completely dry on your vehicle and become difficult to remove. When the wax starts to get a hazy look to it you will want to take another clean and soft towel and work in the opposite direction of how you applied the wax. This way you are removing the excess wax and leaving behind the protective coat on the vehicles paint.

It is important to note that you need to avoid getting any car wax on your vehicles windows, plastic parts, or mirrors. If you do get them on this you need to remove it immediately. By doing all of these steps, though, you will have a properly washed and waxed vehicle that is protected for whatever you have to do.

Hunting For Classic Cars


My brother and I are going to take a road trip this weekend to go hunting for classic cars. It should be a fun trip, but he seriously has no clue why we are actually going. What he does know is that we are going to spend three days on the road zipping around the state meeting private sellers who have a classic car listed online as being for sale. My brother thinks that we are going to just spend some brother-brother time on the road together admiring a mutual passion. I think he probably should have done more reading up on classic car buying before this adventure.

In truth, he has no idea he is likely to be driving home with one of those classic cars. His wife recently got laid off from her corporate job, but got a small golden parachute and severance package with it, as she was a somewhat prominent manager within the organization. My brother knows that she is out of work, but he has no idea how much money landed in her lap, nor what she intends to do with it. Now that she is out of work for a while, as is he, she wants to take a road trip with him.

They have discussed it for a few years, and when I say road trip, I mean weeks, if not months, on the road. But she wants to fulfill a dream of his of him driving a classic car on this trip. So she told me how much money she is willing to spend on a car, but she wanted me to go along, because I am more likely to know things about classic cars and make sure my brother gets the one that wants and loves.

Which of the classic cars are we looking at will it be? I am honestly not sure. My brother is kind of a Chevy fan, but he is not particularly dedicated to one single brand, make, or model. I could list a dozen classic cars he has talked fondly of in the past.

In truth, I will not really know which one it is until we are in some guy’s garage or front yard and I see my brother’s body language. When I see the primal lust in his eyes and a price my sister-in-law can tolerate, I will start haggling the owner and then give my brother the shock of his life.

What To Consider When Buying A New Car


Buying a car is a big step that many people take. While the urge to rush to the dealership and purchase the first car you see can be great, it’s better to think things through. Here are some things to consider when buying a car.

Think about how much it will cost to pay for any cars that you are considering buying. You’ll need to be able to comfortably make monthly payments without going beyond your means if you are financing. Create a budget, and get the funds you need before setting foot into a dealership. If you don’t have enough money saved, a credit union or bank can help you with a loan. Be sure you have enough money to cover the cost of the car, as well as fees and taxes that come with it.

Once you have a few cars in mind, take them for a long test drive. 10 minutes isn’t enough to really get a feel of how the car handles at various speeds and on different surfaces. The salesperson may insist on a shorter drive, but don’t let them cut your test short, as you are the one who will have to drive the car if you ultimately decide to purchase it. A pushy salesperson who just won’t give up is a sign that maybe it’s time to test drive another car on your list. You can always come back another time to test drive the car again.

The price that the dealership has on display isn’t always the best price you can get. Dealers are usually willing to give shoppers a lower price with a little bit of haggling, especially near the end of the month, which is the closing period for a sale. Take a firm stance when negotiating a better price, but don’t be rude to the dealer. Don’t commit to paying a price that you don’t find comfortable. You have power as a buyer, and you can always leave the dealership and look for a better deal if you aren’t to get the price you want.

All car purchase include a buyer’s order, which contains a list of all prices associated with the car, including taxes and fees charged by the dealer. Before signing your name on the form, ask the dealer about anything that you don’t understand. If there’s anything that you don’t like on the form, you have the perfect chance to back out rather than signing. The dealer will try to offer additional items for your vehicle, such as warranties and components, when you prepare to sign the order. Any of these can increase the overall cost you pay, so take precaution when agreeing to them.

Once you’ve taken everything into consideration, you can purchase your car knowing that you’ve done everything correctly.

Car Road Trip Tips To Make It Go Well


Taking a car to place to vacation at can be tough. Some places take many days to get to, and if you’re not prepared you will have a terrible time getting there. These car road trip tips will keep you comfortable and from having problems that are easy to avoid.

Pack food from where you are leaving from because they make things more expensive on the road. Plus, you will know where around your home you can go to get the best deals on everything. When you try to just go to a gas station the whole trip as you move along the road and go out to eat, it’s not that good of an idea because there are way too many high prices. If you do need anything, try stopping in a good sized city with a lot of stores around so you can find a typical grocery store instead of the expensive gas station stops.

A road trip will be enjoyable for your children and those not driving if they can bring something to keep entertained with. You should also bring a few things so if you let another person drive you have something to do. Keep in mind that they make things like car chargers so you can keep devices on even if you’ll be using them for a long time. Also remember that books and other things are not easy to see at night so you may want to also bring thins with a screen that has a backlight.

Hotels may be somewhere you can stay if you are driving for a long time and need some rest. You shouldn’t try to make it somewhere if you plan to drive for a long time because it may end up making it difficult for you to make it safely. After it starts to get dark, you should try to find a place before it’s far later than you usually go to bed. Even if you have to park on the side of the road to get some sleep, it’s safer than being tired.

Car road trip tips like these are easy for you to your destination without too much of an issue. It’s always better for you to be careful and over-prepare than it is to not have what you need when you are in a situation you didn’t consider.

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